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I’m back with another review thanks to TBR and Beyond Tours! I am so excited to participate in the Born at Dawn tour, for a look at the full tour schedule, click here! This book drew me in straight from the cover- isn’t it absolutely stunning?!

Book Info

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Publishing Date: November 15, 2020

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When a heist goes terribly wrong and the binding spell holding 17-year-old Neva’s powers at bay is shattered, the half-human thief knows she’s in trouble.

Neva has always hidden her Da’Valian heritage while working risky jobs to make a name for herself and serving at her family’s tavern, but she won’t be able to hide much longer. She can either risk the safety of those she cares about or seek out her mother’s people to gain control over her emerging powers.

The Da’Valia are beautiful, brutal creatures created by the god of war, and the austere Da’Valian soldier Astiand reluctantly agrees to take Neva to his clan under his protection. She makes unexpected friends, including the handsome fighter Emiliand, and a new enemy in the clan’s ruthless leader.

Spying on her guardian, the sly heroine quickly discovers just how deep she has stumbled into a dangerous, developing clan feud.

Will she be able to embrace who she is in time to keep her loved ones safe?


Whew! This book does not pause! You jump right into the action, which I really loved! You aren’t left for a lack of world building though, and the author does a fenomenal job of weaving the two together. I loved learning about Neva’s history right along with her while she’s sneaking and fighting her way out of some tricking situations! The world is new and not something I’ve encountered before. While the Da’Valian remind me somewhat of fae depicted in a lot of popular YA fantasy novels, there were plenty of differences and their history and culture are new and exciting.

I also really loved Neva as the protagonist- she is strong, sure of who she is, and loyal. Watching her grow as a character was really great to see and I cannot wait to see what happens in the rest of the book!! The side characters were also intriguing and I want to see how they all fare over the series. I highly recommend this book and hope that ya’ll pick it up soon!

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 stars

5 Reasons to Read Born at Dawn

  1. Who doesn’t love a good heist or 2?!
  2. Strong, fierce, and loyal female protagonist
  3. Action packed adventure from start to finish!
  4. Unique new fantasy world for you to explore
  5. A wintery setting perfect for this time of year!

About the Author

Christina Davis was raised in the Santa Cruz Mountains and is a California girl at heart. She spent much of her childhood in and out of hospitals and embraced reading as an escape. After being home-schooled through high school, she graduated summa cum laude from San Jose State University and attended NYU’s Summer Publishing Institute before embarking on a decade-long career in journalism. She enjoys chocolate, cosplay, coffee, and board games, but not necessarily in that order. She now lives in beautiful Monterey County with her husband and daughter. 

Author Links: Website | Instagram | Twitter | Goodreads

Published by Megan

My name is Megan and I currently live in Colorado, though I'm native to Michigan! I work as a social worker specializing in mental health but outside of work I absolutely love reading! I also love creative planning, crocheting, and cuddling with my 2 cats, Amren & Juno. My primary genres I read are YA, fantasy, thrillers, and scifi though I also occasionally enjoy contemporary romances! I more than happy to accept ARCs for an honest review! All reviews are my own honest opinions.

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